In The End Book Discussion

Posted by on 27 March 2019

in the end BN


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The Patient Experience That Made Me a Better Doctor

Posted by Michael F. Weisberg on 31 October 2018

Round One

In my thirty-two years of practicing medicine I have only taken care of one celebrity who ninety-nine percent of the population has never heard of. But Cleveland Williams was a celebrity to me, because I was a savant when it came to boxing. It started in fourth grade when I squared off with the playground bully, Chuckie Thurman on the four-square court. Chuckie was built like a house with wide shoulders, a thick neck, and biceps that he could flex.  He had coke bottle eyeglasses and small, sneering eyes. After running through our four-square court multiple times and grabbing the ball and disrupting the game I demanded he stop.

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March is #ColorectalCancerAwarenessMonth

Posted by on 20 March 2018

The article below outlines a real story with a positive outcome and is a reminder that a simple colonoscopy serves as early detection for a preventable disease.

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ReachMD Podcast

Posted by on 21 September 2017

ReachMD Podcast - An 11 minute interview I recently had with Andrew Wilner, MD, FAAN, FACP.   Together we provide insight into the role of hospitalists: doctors who take care of sick patients admitted to a hospital. 

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Goodreads Book Giveaway

Posted by on 31 December 2016

Goodreads Book Giveaway

The Hospitalist by Michael Weisberg

The Hospitalist

by Michael Weisberg

Giveaway ends January 07, 2017.

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Physicians Practice

Posted by on 29 November 2016


As a practicing gastroenterologist, so deeply affected by the implementation of the Hospitalist system that I wrote a novel satirizing medical care in the 21st century titled "The Hospitalist," I feel compelled to respond to the perspectives offered by Drs. Wachter, Goldman, and Gunderman in the Sept. 15th issue of The New England Journal of Medicine.  I respect the statistics showing the advantages of Hospitalists quoted by Wachter and Goldman, but as Mark Twain said — "There are three kinds of lies:  lies, damned lies and statistics."  I think far more important than statistics are the opinions of doctors like myself who have been forced to work in the Hospitalist system and even more importantly, the opinions of the people most affected by this change in healthcare that none of us were told about or asked our opinion about, our patients.   Continue to read more ...

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Dr. Michael F. Weisberg

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Dr. Michael Weisberg has practiced gastroenterology in Plano, Texas for 24 years.

He has been named D Magazine’s list of best doctors eight times and has been recognized as Super-Doctor by Texas Monthly multiple times.

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The Hospitalist is provocative, revealing, and riveting… Weisberg has exposed how the patient-doctor relationship has changed in the modern age.”

- Doug Ross, author of Hard-Boiled