"The Aging Boomers" Podcast Interview with Dr. Michael Weisberg

Posted by on 20 May 2016


I was recently interviewed by Frank Samson on "The Aging Boomers" podcast hosted by Senior Care Authority™

During the interview, I reminded the listeners what the main objective of a doctor is - and that is to take a sick patient and make that person well. 

If only our healthcare system would be as simple as a physician's desire to heal.  

We invite you to listen to this podcast and share it with a friend as I discuss the changes and challenges of practicing medicine today. 

Dr. Michael F. Weisberg

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Dr. Michael Weisberg has practiced gastroenterology in Plano, Texas for 24 years.

He has been named D Magazine’s list of best doctors eight times and has been recognized as Super-Doctor by Texas Monthly multiple times.

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The Hospitalist is provocative, revealing, and riveting… Weisberg has exposed how the patient-doctor relationship has changed in the modern age.”

- Doug Ross, author of Hard-Boiled